Winter Morning


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Winter Morning

Stone cold snow slips silently past the mountain peaks you see off in the distance while you wait silently upon the once green grasses turned white from this frosted tundra invasion. The birds seem so completely unaffected by the freezing temperatures that slowly gnaw at your aching bones. As if they exist on some other plane where warmth and cold are a strange figment of a crazy crow's imagination. Will you stand up and fight the numb feeling or lay back and surrender to summers rival? Humans evolved in tropical climate, and met cold weather as they migrated into Eurasia. Micro-evolution in Caucasian, Asiatic and Inuit people show some adaptation to the climate. Some fur-coated mammals grow a heavier coat during the winter; this improves the heat-retention qualities of the fur. The coat is then shed following the winter season to allow better cooling. The heavier coat in winter made it a favorite season for trappers, who sought more profitable skins. Snow also affects the ways animals behave; many take advantage of the insulating properties of snow by burrowing in it. Mice and voles typically live under the snow layer. This sound uses the following file from Freesound:

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