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Along the ancient hills and hollowed out tree trunks echos the afternoon assembly of this and that creature trying to capture its last meal for the day or dance for a moment longer in the fading sun rays. You can feel the magic in the air as these slender spanish slopes speak the timeless tales that have crossed their paths over the years. Utiaca is a village in the county of Área Centro, which is part of the municipality of Vega de San Mateo, a province of Gran Canaria, Spain. It has a population of 300 inhabitants and is situated at an altitude of 803 meters above see level. In the warmest months the average temperature is 26.6 °C and for the coldest months it is is 6.30 °C. The area has many steep slopes. Following the Spanish conquest, terraces were built on the mountain sides for the development of dry farming. Local agriculture is based on traditional techniques such as crop rotation, the most common being alternate year rotation and biennial and triennial rotations, and multiple cropping, when two or more crops are grown in the same field within a given year. Bartering, or the exchange of products without the need for money, has traditionally been a common practice in this area. Local architecture has to a large extent preserved traditional features, and there are still many drystone houses in this area with Canarian gable tiled roofs. This sound uses the following file from Freesound: http://www.freesound.org/samplesViewSingle.php?id=120645

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