Thai Jungle


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Released about 7 years ago
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(short preview of full seamless looping track)

Thai Jungle

The exotic spaces of our earth are so very foreign to modern people. Places where the lines between plant, animal, and man are blurred so completely that the sounds of a voice, a howl, and a falling tree branch are equal expressions of life, no one more important or powerful than the other. The insect's serenade is like a dense wool blanket that covers this end of the planet in a sound so full of heat and heaviness that not one whisper can be heard emerging from its depth. Barely able to accent the soundscape, a few faint calls from the birds above break through and throw some other shades of color onto this very green carpeted cathedral of mother earth. The self proclaimed masters of the globe are long away, wasting their lives living inside their metal coffins, or turing into turnips in front of the glowing television. The true meaning and vibrance of life so far from their fledgling awareness. Luckily you have been given a small peek here, a key to the gateway of the real wonderful world called life.

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