Sleep Machine


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(short preview of full seamless looping track)

Sleep Machine

This is the sound of the classic "Sleep Machine" that many people have used for years to fall asleep to. It is an special white noise, designed to help block out all distractions and let you enjoy your sleep. An onrush of audial anomalies coalescing into a rush of continuous sound that has the surprising ability to set tensions to the side, slowing down the mind, giving the body a chance to rest for a while, and causing senses to be subtly subdued into a deep dark slumber. Memory processes have been shown to be stabilized and enhanced (sped up and/or integrated) by nocturnal sleep and even daytime naps. Consolidation of a memory is a process that takes an initially unstable representation and encodes it in a more sturdy, effective and efficient manner. In this new state the memory is less susceptible to interference. There are essentially three phases of memory consolidation and all are thought to be facilitated by sleep.

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