Roaring Wind


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Released about 7 years ago
Size 19.97 MiB

(short preview of full seamless looping track)

Roaring Wind

The gale force of this year's brewing storm is like a stampede of buffalo charging through the grassy plains in one great sweeping movement toward your naked shivering body, lane out in the pasture before them. You don't dare run from mother nature's strong grasp, fore the more you try to turn away the more she will sweep beneath your roots and pull you up into the black, unforgiving sky. You will try to flap your wings and make a mockery of her power, but her huge arms of wind will crush the very foundations of any idea of hope you have for forgiveness. Perhaps you should simply sit in despair, but don't. You must learn the first lesson of loving your mother. Be a child. Let go of your self indulgent need for greatness and prepare yourself to be pacified like a baby. Become nothing more than another autumn leaf letting go of its tree to travel the wandering winds of the earth, no destination or direction known. You can't pretend when the great hand comes to press against you, simply sift like sand and let her horrendous might wash through you like an ocean over a cold stone. Perhaps then she will spare you from the storm. This sound uses the following file from Freesound:

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