R2-D2 Droid Communication


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R2-D2 Droid Communication

There are several different types of droids seen in the movie series Star Wars. Astromech droids such as R2-D2 are used aboard spaceships. They are especially helpful and can do many tasks such as computing and repairing. Protocol droids take on more of a human form and carry out much more administrative tasks. What you hear featured in this sound is not unlike how R2-D2 and other astromech droids communicate. Whereas protocol droids speak the tongue of those around them; C-3PO, a protocol droid is "fluent in six million forms of communication."

Go buy Star Wars stuff! (aka don't sue me Mr. Lucas)

This sound uses the following sound file from Freesound (http://www.freesound.org): Astrolanguage.mp3 by jobro

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