Powerful Thunderstorm


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Released over 7 years ago
Size 16.32 MiB

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Powerful Thunderstorm

Thunderclaps call down from the dark, swirling clouds that cover the sky as if a mighty fire was raging and the heavens had been filled up with a dense volume of swelling grey smoke. Brimming below the silvery blanket hanging above, is a shimmering earth. An endless shallow of water ever expanding outward as tears from high turn a once dry field into a quickly rising tide, overtaking your toes, and soon submerging your ankles in their cool embrace. The power of earth and sky meeting in a flash freezes your heart and humbles the haughty harbinger of human superiority you house in your head. The crack of white light coursing through cloud and dirt defies belief and deafens any dallying denial of heaven's heavy hand still lingering in your heart. You can hunker down and hope for the best or open your palms to the sky and lay prone and prostrate, the choice is yours. Either release your obsession with modern wands and weather machines, or be bound to your bare naked bones, shaking in the wind, when the force of nature comes to break them.

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