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The pinewoods speak silently like a standing army awaiting their orders from the sun. When the sun stays and keeps them warm they know to bend and sway in the breeze, and when the sun goes away they know to become brittle and break, sometimes landing upon an unsuspecting traveller. But every day, no matter the season, these trees honorably keep the secrets of the forest safe from everyone that does not deserve to know. Pine trees are native to most of the Northern Hemisphere. In Eurasia, they range from the Canary Islands, Iberian Peninsula and Scotland east to the Russian Far East, and in the Philippines, north to just over 70°N in Norway, Finland and Sweden (Scots Pine) and eastern Siberia (Siberian Dwarf Pine), and south to northernmost Africa, the Himalaya and Southeast Asia, with one species (Sumatran Pine) just crossing the Equator in Sumatra to 2°S. In North America, they range from 66°N in Canada (Jack Pine and Red Pine), south to 12°N in Nicaragua (Caribbean Pine). The highest diversity in the genus occurs in Mexico and California. Pines have been introduced in subtropical and temperate portions of the Southern Hemisphere, including Chile, Brazil, South Africa, Tanzania, Australia, Argentina and New Zealand, where they are grown widely as a source of timber. A number of these introduced species have become invasive, threatening native ecosystems. This sound uses the following file from Freesound:

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