October Dawn


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October Dawn

The caws that call the coming dawn slowly dispel the dreary silence as the deep darkness of autumn night is swiftly snuffed out by the ascending candle glow coming from the rays of the rising sun. The midnight sentries garbed in black beckon to their brethren and beat their wings away into shadow, seeking cover from the revelation of the day's new light. October is commonly associated with the season of autumn in the Northern hemisphere and spring in the Southern hemisphere. October's birthstone is the opal. The opal is thought to have the power to predict illness. This is because the opal responds to heat. Sickness increases body temperature before signs of illness appear. The increased body heat causes the opal to lose its shine, leaving it dull and lacking color. It is also said that the opal will crack if it is worn by someone who was not born in October. The Zodiac sign for those born in this month is either Libra or Scorpio, depending on which day you were born. This sound uses the following file from Freesound: http://freesound.org/samplesViewSingle.php?id=98497

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