Lively Forest


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Released over 7 years ago
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Lively Forest

Deep in the heart of emerald green earth, a precious grove of perfection persists. It gathers the breath of life and the pulse of our planet within a protected and remote realm, far from the reach of meddling mankind. The vibrant chorus of animals accumulated within the embrace of earth and sky is the ultimate lullaby. An echo of earthly heaven hailing unto time evermore the power and grace of life, abundant and pristine. If you can but shed those hardened modern senses; the urbanite's protective shell, the city slicker's smooth skin, and bow down upon the soft special earth, naked like an angelic newborn, then you could come to the wet breast of mother, along with the rest of your earthly companions, and be fed the divine fruits found falling all around in this most sacred spot in the universe. Expectations are unnecessary, for she will fondle your heart and hug your weary arms without fail; bringing you unto a basin where the bonding ballad of creature and creator is sounding simultaneously within the fullness of the forest's frontier. Remember the family from which you came, and unto which you will one day return. Take pride in this soundscape immersion, and rediscover your birthright; a perfect patch of peace within you.

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