Gyuto Voice 63hz O Vibra Pulse


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Released over 7 years ago
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(short preview of full seamless looping track)

Gyuto Voice 63hz O Vibra Pulse

Deepening into the deep of your mind, past the blowing sands of time and falling sky of thought. On to the oasis inside where time does not reach, where eyes and ears do not teach, and yet an infinite knowledge resides. Surrender and render yourself disarmed, letting go to the sound of the voice as it vibrates through your flesh and bone. Gyuto monks are known for their tradition of overtone singing, also described as "chordal chanting" which is said to have been transmitted by their founder. It achieved renown in the West following the release of recordings made by David Lewiston in 1974, and in 1986 by Windham Hill Records. In 1995, a group of Gyuto Monks traveled to the United States and performed during a series of concerts with the Grateful Dead. This sound uses the following file from Freesound:

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