Forest Day


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Forest Day

The great carpet of green moss spreads out over the densely packed habitat, supplying a sheet of fresh oxygen that lifts the spirits long enough to allow this trek through the wilderness to carry on. You stop for a moment to gain your strength and marvel at the sheer beauty of nature as it charges forward all around you. Tropical moist forests include many different forest types. The best known and most extensive are the lowland evergreen broadleaf rainforests include, for example: the seasonally inundated várzea and igapó forests and the terra firma forests of the Amazon Basin; the peat swamp forests and moist dipterocarp forests of Southeast Asia; and the high forests of the Congo Basin. The forests of tropical mountains are also included in this broad category, generally divided into upper and lower montane formations on the basis of their physiognomy, which varies with altitude. The montane forests include cloud forest, those forests at middle to high altitude, which derive a significant part of their water budget from cloud, and support a rich abundance of vascular and nonvascular epiphytes. Mangrove forests also fall within this broad category, as do most of the tropical coniferous forests of Central America. This sound uses the following file from Freesound:

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