El Martinazo


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Released over 7 years ago
Size 3.05 MiB

(short preview of full seamless looping track)

El Martinazo

The Spanish beach is packed with birds of all shapes and sizes scurrying about, searching for their next meal and fighting for domination of every single patch of sandy shore. The gentle crashing of waves is barely audible behind the dense soundscape of cavorting critters evermore. As you walk along the coastline the wet ocean breeze tickles your bare toes and the warm Spanish sun glides on golden rays to warm your bare chest. You are reminded of the many happy memories formed on this beach. From your first kiss, to your son's first few steps, and even the day you learned to swim. You look into the sky and wonder if the grandfather of one of these birds was the one that once stole a cracker from your picnic or chased your infant son around the water's edge. This sound uses the following sound file from Freesound: http://www.freesound.org/samplesViewSingle.php?id=89439

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