Crickets In Pont De Gau


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Released about 6 years ago
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Crickets In Pont De Gau

The subtlety of crickets in the French countryside is a splendid sound for reminding oneself of lazy summer days sitting next to a perfectly still pond. Every parisian dreams nightly of taking a picnic in some idyllic escape from the city, settling down on green grass and the ever beautiful sounds of silence. Since the days of radio entertainment, the sound of crickets chirping has been used as an indication that a scene is taking place late at night. In comedy formats, the sound of crickets may be used to humorously indicate a dead silence when a response, such as laughter after a punch line, is expected. Similarly, in online communication, writers may use the concept of "crickets chirping" in a rhetorical sense to signal that the writer believes that he or she has made a point that a hypothetical opponent cannot answer. The space that would have been occupied by the nonexistent answer is instead occupied by the symbolic word *crickets* or *chirp chirp* to symbolize this silence. The Walt Disney Company has used a number of notable cricket characters in their animated movies. In the 1940's Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket becomes the title character's conscience, and in Mulan, Cri-kee is carried in a cage as a symbol of luck, as in many Asian countries. This sound uses the following file from Freesound:

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