Chopping Wood


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Chopping Wood

This is the sound of a very powerful swing of an axe through a log. This is heard out on a cold morning in the countryside, when the firewood must be prepared for another freezing winter night. To chop wood: Balance the piece of wood that you want to chop on a chopping block or level ground. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Hold the axe with both hands. Slide one hand up near the head of the axe, and practice letting it slide down the axe handle toward the other hand as the swing is executed. This maintains control and delivers a more powerful blow. Put the axe in the spot you want to hit. Study the piece, and note any knots or limbs. You will want to hit a spot between these, as it is much harder to split across these, since they hold the wood together like nails or pins. Pull the axe carefully over your head, allowing the upper hand to slide up near the ax head. Hold it with the head back over your shoulder with a firm grip. Bring the axe quickly and firmly down, allowing your hand to slide down the axe handle to the other hand, aiming to hit the exact spot you selected.

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