Bright Sunny Morning


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Bright Sunny Morning

The current of life flowing through the sun drenched spaces in this gorgeous green landscape is like a sweet drop of nectar fallen from the garden of heaven. Take your hands and open up your hardened heart, letting the sound fill you with a magic so brilliant that the morning's sunrise will be like distant little flame, and your heart with be the shinning light that guides you. The ability of a person to wake up effectively in the morning may be influenced by a gene called "Period 3". This gene comes in two forms, a "short" and a "long" variant. It seems to affect the person's preference for mornings or evenings. People who carry the long variant were over-represented as morning people, while the ones carrying the short variant were evening preference people. The concept of morning encompasses the (mostly menial) prerequisites for full productivity and life in public (i.e. cleaning, a morning meal—often breakfast, dressing, etc). The boundaries of such morning periods are by necessity idiosyncratic, but they are typically considered to have ended on reaching a state of full readiness for the day's productive activity. This sound uses the following file from Freesound:

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